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Hey i’m Julien, the founder of this project. I love to collect things, especially from friends. This is my fashion & music blog. I’m wearing the DINAMO DESERT-HAT. The DINAMO boys are hot. I also use their font for L’oreille Offenbach. Check them out!

Jan Paul founder of SEWARD and music lover. He wears his NBA shirt. Great color combination but impossible to get the shirt (sold out). Have a look at his page ;)

Marina wears Dinamo hardware. DINAMO is a Swiss design practise established by Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb. Based in Basel and Berlin.

Lasse my lovely cyborg and co founder of SEWARD and member of looftv wears the PITTBULL SWEATER. He is a passionate computer scientist and coded the loof.tv website. Check his holiday set out.

We call him Lex. Member of the Frankfurt based music collective HARDWORKSOFTDRINK. Lex wears the HARDWORKSOFTDRINK REFLECTOR RAIN JACKET. Well done collaboration between HWSD & Hendrik Vormann.

Who is that Gosu? Gosu is the latest record store established 2016 in Frankfurt. A great selection of second hand records (techno) and some new selected local releases. Nils wears the limited GOSU shirt. Check out the shop!!!